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Apr 3, 2021

In Northeastern Ohio, there’s a place that has a reputation for cryptid sightings. That place is Atwater Township. Atwater Township is in Portage County and is surrounded by miles and miles of woods and swamps. Tonight’s guest, Melanie, grew up in Northeastern Ohio and when she was a kid, she used to spend her days exploring the woods and swamps around her home. After her mom would lace up her tennis shoes and send her out the door, she’d stay out until she had to come home for dinner. Wanting to pass her love of nature on to her grandkids, she used to take them on what she called deer rides, through the country, around dusk. One evening, while taking her granddaughter for a deer ride, they encountered a creature that they didn’t even know existed. That night, they should have called it a Dogman ride, instead of a deer ride. You’ll find out why, if you listen to tonight’s show.

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