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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jan 1, 2021

Tonight’s guest, Will Lundsford, is a tenured Sasquatch researcher who lives in Texarkana, AR. Since 1977, Will has spent time in the woods, researching Sasquatch, and because of that, until recently, he thought he had a good idea about what kinds of creatures could and couldn’t be found in the woods he spent so much time in. Well, not long ago, that confidence came crashing down, because of encounters he had with Dogmen. One was a Type-3 and the other was a K9-Type he refers to as “The Witch.” We hope you’ll tune in and listen to Will Chronicle the encounters he had with those Dogmen. One thing’s for sure, knowing that they’re out there has changed the way he’ll look at the woods forever!

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Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have a Happy New Year!!!

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