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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Feb 26, 2019

Most people who know about Dogmen don’t believe they can be found in deserts. Tonight’s guest, Rob, found out the hard way, they CAN be found in deserts.

We hope you’ll tune in and listen to Rob share the details of his encounter.

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Feb 16, 2019

In October, of 2005, tonight’s guest, Shaun Gove, went on a camping trip, to a place called Evans Creek, in Washington State. Late one night, Shaun and his friends were asleep in their tent when they discovered they had company. It wasn’t a creature on 4 legs, though. Clearly, it was on 2. He could tell it wasn’t...

Feb 9, 2019


Tonight's guest, Travis, lives on a 400-acre beef cattle farm, in Kentucky. When Travis isn't doing work around his farm, he likes to head off into the woods and do a lot of things. Unfortunately, Travis had a Dogman encounter while doing something he loved doing; hunting for ginseng. Now that he's had that run-in,...

Feb 2, 2019

Tonight's guest wishes to remain anonymous, so I'm going to call him Adam. In 1993, Adam went fishing one night, with 2 of his friends. Little did they know, it was going to be unlike any fishing trip any of them had ever gone on. Before the night was over, Adam was going to find himself literally 1 foot away from...