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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jan 27, 2018

Tonight's guest, Mike, grew up just outside of Germantown, Ohio. The area around Germantown has been well known, in the cryptid community, for all of the Dogman encounters that have happened near it. In fact, one well-known sighting happened in town. The creature that was seen in town has been called "The Butter Street...

Jan 25, 2018

In this special, premium member only episode of Dogman Encounters, our guest, Joe, talks about two, strange experiences he's had. One of his experiences happened in the Philippines, when he saw a Dogman the size of a water buffalo, as he puts it. The second experience happened at a place called Pillsbury Lake,...

Jan 20, 2018

Tonight's guest, Tammie, was walking her dog, one day in Oklahoma. The area she was in would usually have a lot of bicyclists and walkers, but it was in the middle of a weekday, so she was alone or so she thought!

Jan 13, 2018

Tonight’s guest, Angel, is a self-described empath, from Texas. Growing up, Angel was fascinated by ghosts and vampires. She wasn’t very interested in werewolves. While Angel hasn’t ever encountered anything that resembled a vampire, she has had an encounter with a creature she describes as looking like a huge,...

Jan 6, 2018

Tonight's guest, Vanessa, used to love taking long walks in the woods, around her rural home, in Northern Michigan. She considered herself to be at one with nature, as she puts it. That all changed one rainy night when she came home with her roommate.

Growing up, she had heard plenty of stories about the...