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Dogman Encounters Radio

Thanks for listening to Dogman Encounters Radio. Thanks too for supporting the show! Don't forget to check out the new website, at There, you can report your own Dogman encounter (if you've had one), learn more about Dogmen, and even read the details of encounters eyewitnesses have sent me.

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May 27, 2017

This special episode of Dogman Encounters is over an hour long and consists of nothing but encounters.  

To learn more about Dogmen or to report an encounter, please visit

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May 20, 2017

Two years ago, tonight's guest was walking home from his cousin's house, in rural Kentucky when he had an experience that changed the way he'll think about the woods from now on. Until he had that experience, he thought he knew about everything that lived in the woods that surrounded the area where he lived. He found...

May 13, 2017

If you've listened to the show for any period of time, you'll probably remember tonight's guest, Dave, from Episode 107.  That show was titled, "Den of Horrors!" Since Dave did that show, he's had other strange experiences in the woods. One of his experiences might have involved a Dogman. One of them definitely did!


May 6, 2017

Tonight’s first guest, Mike, used to walk to the school bus stop, with his younger brother, when he was a kid. One morning, that walk proved to be much more eventful than it had ever been for him, before. Now that he knows what’s lurking in them, the woods will never be the same for him, ever again.