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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jan 31, 2015

In the summer of 2010, Rebekah L. Purdy went on a camping trip, with her family, to the Garden Peninsula, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Rebekah describes the forest she and her family chose for a camping spot as looking like something straight out of a fairy tale. This forest has twisted trees growing out of...

Jan 24, 2015

Michael F. Smith and one of his Bigfoot Research partners, Terry, are the guests for this show.  

You'll remember Michael F. Smith from Episode 1, because he and his long-time Bigfoot Research partner, Kris Huckins came on to talk about the Dogman encounter they had in Missouri.  Unfortunately, after doing that first...

Jan 17, 2015

The guest for this show has chosen to remain anonymous, so I chose to call him "Mike" while interviewing him. 

Mike lives in Wisconsin and has had multiple encounters with Dogmen. In this show, we talked about the encounters Mike has had with them and talked about various other Dogman-related topics.

We hope you'll...

Jan 10, 2015

My guest for this show has chosen to remain anonymous.  That's why I'm going to refer to him as "John" during the show.  John Doe's wife had a Dogman encounter in 2005 that was the first of several frightening and strange encounters they had.  At the time of their encounters, John and his wife were living with...

Jan 3, 2015

Larry Parker is a Vietnam Vet who spent 6 years in the Navy. 2 of those years, he spent in a Marine Recon Unit. 

Fast forward to modern day. Larry lives in Northern Michigan. One day, while deer hunting with his friend, Dave, he had a terrifying encounter with a Dogman. What happened that day...