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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jun 2, 2016

About 2 weeks before this show aired, Kyle Ross contacted me, to tell me about a Dogman encounter he had 15 years ago. When I called him and spoke with him about his encounter, he wasn't all that disturbed by that encounter. I figured that was largely due to the fact that the Dogman he had seen that night wasn't close to him. It also didn't seem to take notice of him. The next day, after talking with Kyle, about that encounter though, he contacted me again, to tell me about an encounter he had just had, with a Dogman that was much different than the one he had 15 years ago. This Dogman, he said, was very close and it WAS taking notice of him, from just feet away!

We hope you tune in, to hear Kyle talk about these encounters and more.