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Apr 9, 2016

There have been multiple human deaths in the United States where people have been found torn to shreds, as if some kind of animal had brutally attacked them. In many of these cases, K9 DNA was found in the wounds of the victims. Because of that fact, feral and domesticated dogs have taken the blame for a lot of these deaths. The problem with that though is the fact that a lot of the evidence which has been found at these murder scenes points toward something other than ordinary dogs being responsible for these murders.

Tonight's guest, Christopher, has put an extensive amount of research into this strange phenomenon and is here to talk about quite a few of these cases.

You should know; not all of these murders have taken place outside of the victim's homes either, as you'll find out, if you tune in to this show.

If you do listen to tonight's show, it's a safe bet you'll never feel as safe outside of your home or inside it, for that matter, as you once thought you were!

Did Dogmen kill these people?  Listen to the show and see what you think.