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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Mar 5, 2016

You'll probably remember tonight's guest, Jay Tucker, from Episode 76. After doing that show, Jay took it upon himself to investigate the Dogman activity, around Taylor, Mississippi. Just weeks ago, while he and two of his friends were on a stake out, not far from Taylor, they had a showdown, with an 8 foot tall, Type-3 Dogman.

For tonight's show, Jay has come back, to talk about that showdown, he and his 2 friends had, with that Dogman.

If you think you're safe from being harmed by a Dogman, because you're always armed, when you go into the woods, you really should listen to tonight's show. Jay was heavily armed, when that Dogman came after him. Had it not been for one of his friends, standing by, with specialized weaponry, that day, there's a strong possibiility Jay would have been killed.