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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Sep 13, 2014

Pam and her husband went on a camping trip in 1972 in their 1968 Volkswagen van.  In tow were their two infants and Pam's brother.  Their destination was a new, but very secluded campsite in the Ozarks called "Beaver Lake."


It was the middle of the night and everyone except her brother was sound asleep in the van.  Her brother was sleeping in a pup tent, just outside.  Suddenly, a huge impact struck the van, right next to where Pam's head was resting, on the back seat.  What they saw when they looked out the windows was far worse than any of them would have ever imagined!


The events that followed were so unnerving, her brother is still unable to talk about what happened to this day.  Tune in to hear step by step, the terrifying events that unfolded that night.