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Nov 28, 2020

Tonight’s guest, “Brad,” was featured on Episode 268, and in that show, he told us about the Dogman encounter he had in Southern California. If you listened to that show, you might remember how Brad expressed an interest in trying to hunt and kill a Dogman. You also might remember that I attempted to dissuade him from trying to do that. Well, unfortunately, Brad didn’t take my advice and because of that, he had an encounter that, in his words, scared him to death!

You see, last August, Brad went out with a Marine named Mark and a man named John, who is a champion match-shooter, specializing in long-distance shooting. Mark had a Dogman encounter of his own before they went on that hunt, so he knew they were real. John was skeptical because he hadn’t seen one. That was all about to change. To make sure they’d be prepared for anything that might happen, or so they thought, they took some formidable firepower with them. It wasn’t long before they found out that they had made several huge mistakes, though. One of those mistakes was thinking that the .416 Rigby they took was going to be able to easily take down an alpha Dogman. Another, even more dangerous, mistake was not considering the fact the alpha might not be alone when they shot him. What happened? Why did a self-described adrenaline junkie, like Brad, become so shaken that he thought he was going to have a heart attack? We hope you’ll tune in and find out.

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