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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Nov 1, 2020

Happy Halloween, everyone!

For this special, Halloween episode of Dogman Encounters, we’re going to do something different. Instead of airing a normal show, tonight’s show isn’t going to be an interview. Instead of interviewing tonight’s guest, I’m just going to air her sharing the details of encounters she and her family members have had on a large property they own. You see, the property where their encounters happened has been owned by her family for 30 to 40 years. They use the land for farming, hunting, and other things. Going way back, family members and friends of her family have reported having encounters with strange creatures there, on that land. Tonight’s guest has worked in law enforcement for years and after having done that, for so long, she says she’s seen just about everything. She also says that she doesn’t frighten easily. Having said that, she says she’s always felt uncomfortable whenever she’s been on her family’s land. Even though so many family members have told her about the encounters they’ve had there, it wasn’t until she had her own Dogman encounter that she knew they weren’t a figment of her family members' imaginations. Then, she knew, they’re all too real.

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