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Dogman Encounters Radio

Thanks for listening to Dogman Encounters Radio. Thanks too for supporting the show! Don't forget to check out the new website, at There, you can report your own Dogman encounter (if you've had one), learn more about Dogmen, and even read the details of encounters eyewitnesses have sent me.

Thanks, again, for supporting the show!

Mar 26, 2015

Dr. William Lester is the President and Founder of the American Institute of Metaphysics. He's also an educator, author, and broadcaster. Dr. Lester is the host of Shadowland; an internet talk radio show that focuses on various paranormal topics, like cryptids and Demonology.  

In this special, Wednesday night episode of Dogman Encounters, Dr. Lester and I talk about a multitude of werewolf and Dogman-related topics.  We hope you'll tune in.