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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Oct 11, 2020

Tonight’s special episode of Dogman Encounters is a collection of encounters eyewitnesses have shared that happened in places other than the U.S. and Canada. This show is 4 ½ hours in length, so you’d better get comfy if you plan to listen to it, in its entirety, in 1 go.

The segments for eyewitnesses featured on tonight's show begin at the following timestamps...

Episode 31 Keiron Pittman (Australia) 1:58

Episode 40 Lisa (Australia) 6:48

Episode 74 George (Brazil) 18:05

Episode 78 Martin Fink (Austria) 24:59

Episode 100 Alexa (Germany) 31:04

Episode 111 Colin Keelty (England) 1:19:08

Episode 134 Yamil (Nicaragua) 1:38:23

Episode 151 Dion Orellana Vargas (Guatemala) 1:54:49

Episode 255 Paul Levins (Germany) 1:58:49

Episode 288 Simon (England) 2:26:03

Episode 290 Leoni (England) 3:25:16

Episode 314 Bradley (Scotland) 3:54:13

Episode 327 Simon (England) 4:15:09

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