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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Aug 11, 2020

On this bonus episode of the show, tonight’s guest, Joanna, is going to talk about 2 encounters she had, as a teenager, in the woods behind her parent’s home. Joanna describes herself as being a rebellious teenager back then. When she’d get in trouble back then, she used to run into those woods, where she’d hide from them. One day, she went to a part of that woods where she’d never been before. She describes the part of the woods where she went as being extra creepy. Unfortunately, there was a reason why her senses were on high alert that day. That part of the woods held a deep secret that Joanna was about to discover that day. A Dogman lived in those woods. When she ran home, after seeing it, she thought her problems with that Dogman were over. She was wrong, though. That’s because she found out the hard way that sometimes, Dogmen follow you home!

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