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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Aug 8, 2020

Near Harker Heights, Texas, which isn’t too far from Killeen is a lake called Stillhouse Hollow Lake. If you ever go there, it would be in your best interest to stay alert. You see, like in many other parts of Texas, there’s a healthy population of wild hogs around Stillhouse Hollow Lake. As tonight’s guest, Heath, found out the hard way, though, that wild hogs aren’t the only thing there you need to watch out for. That’s because he had 4 encounters with what he once thought were Werewolves there, at that lake.

Heath heard through the grapevine that there was good fishing to be had there. Being the avid fisherman that he is, though, he had caught every kind of fish the lake was known to have except one, alligator gar. Heath had never caught an alligator gar before. He had never had a Dogman encounter either, but that was about to change. He had 4 encounters with Dogmen there and his last one shook him up so much, he swore off ever going back. What happened when he had those 4 encounters, you ask? Well, we hope you’ll tune in and listen to him talk about what happened.

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