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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Sep 21, 2019

Tonight's first guest, Kelvin, is no shrinking violet. In fact, he qualified for the 2008 Olympics, in Taekwando. The man knows how to take care of himself. What could make a man like him turn and run, in fear of his life? Seeing a Dogman that's just feet away, move towards him, did exactly that.

Our guest for Segment 2 of tonight's show is "Ryan," from Episode 258. If you listened to Episode 258, you probably remember Ryan talking about his multiple Dogman encounters and the day he had 2 Dogmen on 1 side of him and a rake on the other. Well, since Ryan was featured on that show, he's had new Dogman-related experiences. Those new experiences are what Ryan's going to talk about on tonight's show.

We hope you'll tune in!

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