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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jun 22, 2019

Tonight’s guest wishes to remain anonymous, so I call him "Ryan" on tonight's show.

"Ryan" grew up in Central Alabama. When he was 10, his mother married a cattle farmer who had problems with Dogmen on his farm. There were things Ryan’s stepfather shared with him about the Dogmen openly. There was a secret his stepfather had, though, that he wasn’t comfortable revealing to him. The experiences Ryan’s had with Dogmen weren’t limited to his step father’s farm. As he got older, he had more encounters, in other places.

We hope you’ll tune in to tonight’s show and listen to Ryan talk about all of the Dogman encounters he’s had. If you do, not only will you hear him talk about all of the run-ins he’s had with Dogmen, he’s also going to talk about a Rake he saw.

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