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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jun 8, 2019

Tonight’s guests, Sherry and Art, live on a 29-acre farm, in Middle Tennessee. Their closest neighbor is at least 1 mile away. Their property is surrounded by scenic hills and mountains. When Sherry and Art moved in, almost 2 years ago, they had no clue that their property held a secret. As they would find out, in due time, along with all of the typical residents you’d expect to find living on and around their property, like deer, coyotes, and other animals, Dogmen call that land home too. Not only do they have Dogmen on and around their property, that make their presence known, from time to time, but they’ve also both had encounters with what they call a Dogwoman. We hope you’ll tune in and listen to them talk about all of the experiences they’ve had with them.

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