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Dogman Encounters Radio

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May 5, 2018

If you listened to Episodes 72 and 160, you’ll remember tonight’s guest, Lisa. Lisa is a Dogman researcher who lives in Tennessee. When Lisa was a girl, she had multiple encounters with Type-3 Dogmen. Unfortunately, those encounters weren’t going to be the last ones she’d have. More were to follow.

On tonight’s show, Lisa is going to talk about a park, she lives 3 miles from, where suspicious activity has been going on, lately. Earlier this month, a man went missing there. Also, not long ago, Lisa found an abandoned campsite in that park and while she was looking around that camp, she found an unusually large canine print.

Lisa’s also going to talk about a man and woman who were killed in Texas by what local authorities claim were wild dogs. What the authorities didn’t share publicly was that 3 Dogmen were frequently seen on that woman’s property, before she was murdered. One of the Dogmen was described as being 10 to 11 feet tall.

We hope you tune in and listen to Lisa talk about the aforementioned topics and more.