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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Jul 8, 2017

Tonight’s guest, Clara Dutcher, is the mother of last week’s guest, Jerrid. Like Jerrid, Clara has had her fair share of Dogman encounters, over the years.

Clara lives in Upstate, New York. Where she lives, the woods roll on for miles and miles. Clara says that those woods have a healthy population of animals like deer, coyotes, bears, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, Dogmen are on that long list of creatures that call the woods their home. Clara and Jerrid aren’t the only residents there who know about the terrifying inhabitants of those woods. More than one person has warned her, “There are things living in those woods that people have no clue exist.” When you get a warning like that, from more than one person, about the woods you live in, you know you’re living in Dogman Country!