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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Aug 24, 2016

When you listen to tonight's guest, Clark, talk about the size of the Dogman he saw behind his house, you'll probably wonder how big Dogmen can get. Clark can't give you exact proportions of the one he saw behind his house, late one night. All he can tell you is that it was really big!

We hope you'll tune in, to find...

Aug 17, 2016

Tonight's guest, Izzy, used to play with his friends, in the country, around Moriarity, New Mexico when he was a kid.  He thought he had seen everything that lived in the area.  That all changed one evening when he encountered something he'd never even heard of.  It was something very closely related to a Dogman, but it...

Aug 10, 2016

Tonight's guest, Dave, grew up un Hermon, New York.  One afternoon, when he was a kid, he and a friend decided to head deep into the woods, behind his home, to check out a beaver hut, he had noticed earlier.  They got much more than they planned for, that day when they discovered something that shook them to...

Aug 4, 2016

In the southwestern part of Dallas County, Texas, there's a tributary of the Trinity River, called 10 Mile Creek. Residents who live near the 10 Mile Creek have seen a terrifying creature that resembles a giant, mutated coyote, that has the ability to stand and walk upright, on 2 legs.

Tonight's guest, Cam Garcia, has...