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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Apr 30, 2016

For tonight's show, our guest from Episodes 90 and 91, Christopher, has come back, to talk about multiple missing hunter cases. These hunters were either found dead, in the woods of North America or their bodies were never found. If you like to camp, hunt, or fish, tonight's show will quite likely have you...

Apr 23, 2016

Damien used to be an avid fisherman. He used to go fishing every chance he got. One day though, while fishing, he saw something that took away his ability to enjoy the outdoors. After having that experience, Damien hasn't been on a single fishing trip.

We hope you'll tune in to tonight's show, to listen to Damien talk...

Apr 16, 2016

Last week, our guest, Christopher, talked about cases where people have been mysteriously killed, by unknown K9 predators. Some of these victims were killed outside of their homes, other victims were killed inside their own homes!

For tonight's show, Christopher will be back, to talk about more cases like that, where...

Apr 9, 2016

There have been multiple human deaths in the United States where people have been found torn to shreds, as if some kind of animal had brutally attacked them. In many of these cases, K9 DNA was found in the wounds of the victims. Because of that fact, feral and domesticated dogs have taken the blame for a lot of these...

Apr 2, 2016

More than 26 years ago, John had an encounter he still hasn't gotten over. If you think Dogmen encounters only happen in the woods, you should listen to tonight's show. John was 8 or 9, at the time of his encounter and he was sitting in a family friend's car, in front of a house, when it happened.

Listen to tonight's...