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Dogman Encounters Radio

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Oct 31, 2015

Christian lives in Northern Alabama. Not far from Huntsville. She used to love spending time in the outdoors, whenever she got the chance to do it. After experiencing a series of traumatic events, though, the woods will never be the same, for her.

While growing up, Christian had two, frightening experiences....

Oct 24, 2015

In 2001, Donny and his two friends encountered something, while on a fishing trip. Donny describes what he and his friends saw that day as being a "Killing Machine."

Because of how traumatic this encounter was, Donny hasn't shared the details of his encounter with anyone, until now. 14 years after his encounter occured,...

Oct 17, 2015

If you're one of those listeners who enjoys extra scary episodes, tonight's show is for you!

On tonight's show, our guest, who has chosen to remain anonymous, will share some true Dogman horror stories with you. His family has a long, running, history, with Dogmen. Because of that, they've grown to know them pretty...

Oct 10, 2015

When Jake was growing up, in Searcy, Arkansas, he used to love going out, into the woods, to look for arrowheads and explore.  After having a series of encounters, with creatures he didn't even know existed, that all changed.  After having those encounters, Jake would never look at the woods the same way!

Oct 8, 2015

For this special, mid-week show, Paul Sinclair has come back, to talk about the Flixton Werewolf and other interesting things that have been going on in the U.K.

When Paul was here, last time, for Episode 62, he didn't have enough time to cover a lot of the things he'll cover on tonight's show.

We hope you'll join us